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Missing persons (80​,​000 leave no trace)

by Purple Crow



For David Paulides

While on a remote forest walk the man described how everything suddenly became quiet and still. A fog arrived as if from nowhere. He felt a presence watching him. He became scared, which is unlike his usually strong self-assured character. He decided to leave the area and a few steps away almost ran into a shimmering part of the air right before him. It appeared like water ripples in a region of space just large enough for a person to walk through, easily, even by accident. He pushed past his fear and observed it. He stuck his foot through the vortex and it vanished, so he swiftly pulled his foot back out and checked it. It was then he knew he had to get out of the area swiftly.

Over several months he read about thousands of reports of missing persons who leave no trace every year. Absolutely nothing remains of these people, except for the occasional piece of clothing neatly folded on the ground many kilometers from where they vanished, as if mocking the human trackers. No bodies are ever found. Not even one drop of blood. It seems the more intelligent or brave the victim is the more likely their curiosity got the better of them. The extremely rare few sometimes return but appear many days later, many kilometers away, and they cannot remember what happened to them, or they refuse to speak if they know anything at all. Was this man the only witness to such a vortex who was lucky enough to have escaped capture by whatever lurks on the other side?

Video content creators: I appreciate a credit on screen within your videos if you use any of my art to enhance your creations. Greatly appreciated.


released December 16, 2018


all rights reserved



Purple Crow Vancouver, British Columbia

Dark, Electroacoustic, Experimental, Drone, Noise, Phonography, Soundscape, Surrealism, Voice, Ambient.

Music Production.
Digital editing.
Album mastering.

Radio station 24/7: ChaoticResonance.com

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