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Murmuration (Collaboration for evolved dinosaurs)

by Purple Crow



Murmuration (Collaboration for evolved dinosaurs)

Two months ago a beautiful starling built a nest above our radio station here at Chaotic Resonance. I recorded his lovely song as he was often right outside our window singing proudly with vigor. He attracted a mate within several days and weeks later they were busy rearing young chicks in our roof. Unfortunately, the heat wave began a week after they hatched. It must have been too much for them... both died at different ages about a week apart and were ejected from the nest. It was sad seeing them just start to grow their feathers out and to die... abandoned on the hot pavement. Such is life in an unpredictable world of constant change. I cannot imagine having to do that as a bird. All brains have an Amygdala which is where you feel love and fear. Without this part of the brain nothing would survive as there would be no desire to survive (flight or defense) to live and love again.

Two months later I found the sound file of his song again and sighed with mixed melancholy emotion about life and death. Just last week two more avian deaths were reported by an acquaintance of ours... this time it was two crow fledglings of a parent couple I am very familiar with whom I used to visit when I lived in the area. A theme was beginning to form around me... and as many things arrive in threes... two more deaths were already foreshadowed as if in an epic movie.

Yesterday two more deaths arrived... this time they were human. One was a friend of mine I was just getting to know and trust... one of the few in my life - they will be sorely missed. The other was the father of someone close to me... and I feel awful not being able to deal with their mourning as I deal with so many of my own losses, by the hundreds all my life, but once again just days ago.

Visions of dark serendipity and how strange and yet simple life can be was echoing through my mind today as I worked on other art, just cleaning up other works before archiving them... then an idea arrived as swift as my avian friends do at my window to greet me, and comfort my hermit soul. My crows are more family to me than humans.

My plan: I shall share the starling's song about life and love with everyone and express what goes through my mind as I hear his voice again, as he is long gone now with his mate, perhaps in a brief period of mourning before planning to start over next year. Additionally I shall create a work of art as a tribute to this delightfully talented couple as a warm drone of melancholy mixed emotions in their honour and for my other avian friends out there... and of course, in part, to anyone else who is going through recent losses, especially those of us who revere our animal friends above the human land of confusion.

If you'd like, I would like you to utilize these bird sounds from my station window and be inspired to add your own creative genius to this project reflecting on my words and your own experiences, however you wish, whether it be your usual style of creativity or something you've never done before.

In time, after a few tracks have arrived, I'd like to release our shared creations in reflection upon our assorted experiences as a 'sampler' on my own label as a 'sampler' of a sort. Your tracks are considered a donation, like placing a flower next to a grave of a loved one in their memory.

I have completed my track today and you can listen to it as either inspiration or distraction relating to your own ideas. Do what you wish, and we'll see where this project goes. Just as life is... fate will decide what will happen... whatever we chose to do right now. Chaos owns our lives. The only certainty is uncertainty, the only constant is change... but here the birds sing a pretty song - We shall join them if we wish - in their honour.

Visually... have you seen the living art that Starlings do? It's called 'murmuration', and it's incredible to see in person if you're lucky to witness these events. duckduckgo.com?q=starling+murmuration&t=ffsb&iax=images&ia=images

Dedicated to Canuck the Crow and all Crow kind and my Starling friends everywhere.


released July 10, 2018


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Purple Crow Vancouver, British Columbia

Dark, Electroacoustic, Experimental, Drone, Noise, Phonography, Soundscape, Surrealism, Voice, Ambient.

Music Production.
Digital editing.
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Radio station 24/7: ChaoticResonance.com

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