The story of the piano

by Joseph Oscapinski



Joseph Oscapinski is personal friend of Purple Crow and he has been following his piano and electronic performances for a couple years now. This track is a special public release to explore public reaction to Joseph's amazing heart-filled performances. Tell your friends and share this piece freely as we are all looking forward to hearing more beautiful story-telling works of art from Joseph.

Joseph Oscapinski is a fully self taught improvisational pianist without any musical training. His music studies are about to begin shortly... so if you are already moved by this piece, imagine the incredible future this artist and friend of mine has. You can probably understand why I think you need to hear his music right now.

This track is established as 'free' for promotional reasons but any donations from this track (please state in your communications) are accepted for Purple's professional production of Joseph's music which is shared with Joseph.


released November 15, 2015
You can contact Purple as 'producer, manager, publisher and promoter' for Joseph, but he can also be found on Sound Cloud for other (as yet unproduced) works and experiments.




Purple Crow Vancouver, British Columbia

Dark, Electroacoustic, Experimental, Drone, Noise, Phonography, Soundscape, Surrealism, Voice, Ambient.

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